Build a Better Planet

by Soledad Haren
(New York City, USA)

Build a Better Planet

Build a Better Planet

My decision to go green was not a conscious one. I had been working for years in a Wall Street law firm, troubled deeply by the things I saw at my job, working long hours, and getting caught up in the rat race. Then, 9/11 happened.

My boss ordered me to go back to work, just a few blocks from Ground Zero, and four days after the attack on the World Trade Center. The firm where I worked, one of the largest law firms in the world, representing investment banks, did nothing to clean our offices from the toxic dust and debris.

The stench of the fires smoldering under the steel skeleton of the massive towers lingered for months. It reminded me of burning hair. The sidewalks outside our office were so slippery from the ash that fell like snow that it was like walking on ice.

Three years passed, and my health suffered terribly. I left the corporate world forever in 2004.

Green Living

Having a passion for food, I decided to work as a chef. Still, the effects of 9/11 stayed with me: allergies, respiratory problems, and skin disorders, including rashes and swelling.

One time, my hand turned red and swelled until the skin ripped open. I saw doctor after doctor, but no one seemed to be able to help me. Then, a co-worker at a Manhattan cafe' where I worked mentioned certain food-based solutions (vitamins, oils, things I should and should not be eating).

I started learning about the role of nutrition as medicine. I, also, started taking note of the way chemicals, like household cleaning products and cosmetics, affected my health problems. This, in turn, led me to look for natural alternatives to the products I used every day.

In a serendipitous turn of events, I was asked to be a part of a project designed to promote "Green Building." I suggested that the project have a greater scope to include all aspects of Green LIVING. While the project's creators were less than excited about my suggestion, I felt that such a project was exactly what the world needed.

I realized that my experiences had led me to a wealth of knowledge and information that could help many, but the main stream media would never share such information. So, the Green Living show was born.

Building a Better Planet

Going into our fourth year, Green Living is the first show produced by Build a Better Planet, a non-profit organization promoting sustainability.

On every episode, we talk about the healing properties of food, and we prepare a delicious and nutritious recipe. We, also, discuss food issues like GMOs. Then, we talk to a "green" guest.

We've featured entrepreneurs, politicians, authors, filmmakers, activists, community organizers, inventors, and holistic health care professionals from all over the world. At Build a Better Planet, we believe there IS a better way.

Whether it's replacing gas-guzzling fossil fuel cars with clean, electric cars, switching to renewable energy, or, as I did, learning to use natural products to replace toxic chemicals, we believe you can lead a modern, convenient life without harming ourselves or Mother Earth.

Lastly, every show ends with a progressive musician and his/her music. We believe that great independent musicians are the voice of social consciousness and the fire for a timely (R)evolution. We believe that, together, we can build a better planet.

Shows Promoting Sustainability

After four years, Build a Better Planet's "Green Living" show can be heard around the world on

We have, also, added a show in Spanish, Epoca Verde, and three independent music stations. I invite you to "Like" us on Facebook and hear our shows. We are committed to bring you eco-news you will not hear on the mainstream media.

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