Be a Role Model on the 3Rs and Teach Others to Change Habit

by Yean
(Penang, Malaysia)

I love nature and am sad at the state of our environment. In fact, I strongly believes that if each of us make a small effort, we can all make a difference in years to come for our mother Earth.

I have three boxes at home which separate my daily waste into plastics, paper and tin. I send these recycle waste to the collection center monthly. When I started practicing recycling my waste at home, my hubby and in-laws were laughing at me. With my persistence, everyone at home had embraced my recycle culture....even my in-laws now. My kids are brought up with the love for nature and embraced the 3Rs as well.

In addition to the 3Rs, I strongly believe that we also need to look at how we can conserve water. I practice using laundry water for flushing toilet. Collect rain water for watering plants.

Also, people need to encourage to reduce the usage of plastic bags. Our state government had implemented charging 20 cents for each plastic bag instead of giving it out freely in all supermarkets. People carry their own grocery bags when they go supermarkets nowadays. Hurting the pocket had indeed prompt people to seriously change their habit.

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