At 43 years old I have never driven a car!

by Sandra
(langley BC)

Yes that's right; people bug me all the time: "Why don't you drive?" they ask. In turn, I just show them my bike.

It works well and gets me wherever I wish to go, without burning any gas or diesel along the way.

If I cannot ride my bike, I walk, jog or even take public transit. This also keeps me healthy and in shape. In fact, I even deliver papers while riding my bike with the help of a cart being pulled behind it.

This makes me feel good as I am paying it forward for my children's future. I also recycle everything I possibly can. In addition, I have my own water jug that I fill up in order to save on plastic bottles.

Furthermore, we use energy star appliances and light bulbs as well.

Finally, I make sure my children learn how to recycle and help out. That way, I ensure that they become responsible for their own future.

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