America Must Do More to Combat Climate Change

by Aditya Dabral
(London, United Kingdom)

Apparently snowballs disprove climate change... right.

Apparently snowballs disprove climate change... right.

You know social attitudes on climate change aren't particularly great when one in four Americans are solidly skeptical of its very existence.

This in itself is a worrying statistic, but what's even more disconcerting is the fact that Republicans have attempted to stop the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) from regulating greenhouse gases as pollutants.

Senator Snowball and the Denial Party

Speaking of Republicans, one of their senators, James Inhofe, has claimed to disprove climate change by wielding a snowball on the Senate floor itself as evidence against global warming.

This man is the chair of the environment committee in the Senate, and this is a party that holds a majority in not just the house, but also in the Senate. Bear in mind that these are the political chambers which accept and deny laws being passed.

Furthermore, this is a party that may even win the coveted presidency next fall. If you're not the slightest bit depressed now, I'm sorry, but you should be.

Follow the Money

As gormless as these people are, they're not totally stupid; in fact I think that there is an ulterior motive.

It pays to deny climate change. Look at the Koch Brothers who funnel millions into the Republican Party, and more specifically to climate change deniers.

Why is this so, you ask? Why would you reward ignorance? It's because people like the Kochs' are destroying the environment and they don't want us to know; our ignorance is their reward.

In 2000, there were 312 reported oil spills allegedly attributed to the Kochs' business and its subsidiaries which had taken place across six states. When your business has the refinement of heavy oil into gasoline as a priority, an environmental catastrophe is inevitable.

A Need for Change

The worst part is that this is most definitely avertable. Fossil fuels have been a cheaper form of energy to harness than renewables, but what people seem to forget is that our Earth is quite literally priceless!

Moreover, in many countries around the word renewable energy is becoming more affordable than fossil fuels and we need to keep in mind that the primary reason why the latter is cheaper right now is because of the huge subsidies given to the industry.

It is crucial that we stop fossil fuel subsidies, that we divest, start a carbon tax or cap and trade, and subsidize green technology.

America Must Lead the World

The subject of climate change has loitered on the floors of Congress for too long without anything having happened. This must stop, now.

It's not even as if measures have been taken by the USA in the past to curb climate change. The Kyoto Protocol, an international treaty with the intention of cutting greenhouse gases has been signed by America, but not ratified.

A country which leads the world in power must also lead the world in promoting common sense.

Perhaps Obama's Clean Power Plan will be a success, but as it stands America has not done enough and must do more in order to properly tackle the very pertinent subject of climate change.

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