A Concerned Citizen

by Juli Viel
(O'Fallon, Missouri)

Me at

Me at "Football Fridays" at a local high school each week. This may be the first real message of alarm on climate change to many of the kids, parents and teachers. The kids are very curious. None will forget.

So I found out how bad climate change is and that NOBODY'S IN CHARGE. Moreover, I realized what I am giving to my kids.

Rather than be scared, depressed or hopeless, I decided I need to take over at the WHEELS OF THE OUT OF CONTROL CLIMATE BUS MY KIDS ARE ON.

Taking it to the Streets

I learned everything I can. I joined every climate group in the St. Louis area. I write letters to big shots and my kids' teachers.

Also, I give out my climate change flyer to store and restaurant workers and tell them we are not getting the important news.

Amazingly, roughly 9 out of 10 people agree. I'm a street activist and have been to the capitals where they have a nice smile and that's about it.

I got solar panels on my house in January 2013 that generates about 70 percent of my electricity. In addition, I got a Nissan Leaf in June 2013.

Some Facts on Solar

I explain to people that the silicon molecules in the solar panels on my roof jiggle and get excited. It spins off an electron. That electron is captured in wires and then goes to the lithium ion battery down by the garage.

Essentially, no carbons are dug up. Furthermore, I will surely sign up for the wind energy option - very soon.

Did you know it takes only one ton of sand for Photovoltaics to generate the same amount of electricity as 500,000 tons of coal? Hence, there are no tar sands to dig up, move, refine and BURN.

Even the denier, Uncle Charlie, types are intrigued. Men love technology and their heads will turn at my car (not me).

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