2015 Was Unambiguously the Hottest Year on Record

by Daniel Bailey
(Michigan, United States)

Per the Koch-funded Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures (BEST), 2015 was Unambiguously the Hottest Year on Record:

According to new Berkeley Earth analysis, 2015 was unambiguously the hottest year on record. For the first time in recorded history, the Earth’s temperature is clearly more than 1.0 C (1.8 F) above the 1850 - 1900 average. 2015 was approximately 0.1 degree C (about 0.2 degrees F) hotter than 2014, which had tied with 2005 and 2010 as the previous hottest years. 2015 set the record with 99.996% confidence.

The analysis covered the entire surface of the Earth, including temperatures from both land and oceans.

The warming was not uniform, and for the contiguous United States, it was the 2nd warmest year ever (+1.33 C), surpassed only by 2012.


Kevin Cowtan has updated the SkS Temperature Trend Calculator and makes this observation:

"The 5-year trends in all the major records are now significant at the 2 sigma level. The trend from 2000 is now significant in everything except HadCRUT4"

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