2011 United Nations
Climate Change Conference

by Laurent Cousineau

In November of last year, hundreds of delegates from the largest nations in the world met in a place called Durban, in Africa.

There, a climate change summit was held where nations, the U.S. and China among them, conferred and talked about humanity’s role in climate change.

The decision that was reached had far reaching implications for the rest of the world, and will hopefully ensure our continued survival as a species.

The summit was brought together because there are, still among us, those that decry climate change, and humanity's role in it, as hogwash.

Moreover, the summit was convened to get nations on the same page, and help foster comradeship in the face of humanity's biggest danger.

At the summit, a nation as large and powerful as the United States has as much say and import as a country as small as the Sudan.

Over the course of several weeks, starting on November 28th and running until December 9th, the various nations and delegates shared ideas.

Meetings and workshops were held on the issues at hand, how to best educate the population and to deal with something like climate change. More often than not, there were cries from already affected countries for help.

Throughout the summit, several things were discussed: the major issue being humanity's role in climate change, and what we can do to stop it. In attendance were the U.S., China, and several EU nations like Germany and the U.K.

The major results from the meetings were harsh calls to adopt the Kyoto Protocol, lowering trade emissions worldwide, and pushing for more environmentally friendly energy research in the First World.

Climate change has necessitated all of this, a fact that looms over the conference like a deathly specter.

Climate change, in and of itself, is something that will have to be fought from all sides, by all people. We must put aside our differences, move forward and help those who need us. It's for those in Africa dealing with persistent drought, those living in a desert in Brazil; it's for all of us and our children.

We must protect what we have now, before we have nothing to protect at all. There are those among us who will say that the existence of climate change is gibberish, but we must struggle against such people and work towards a better tomorrow.

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