Why Taking This 1 Minute Questionnaire Can Help Others Act Greener

by Simon

Hello. I have developed a 1 minute questionnaire to understand green behaviour better and I am hoping that you can help and spend 1 minute taking it. (Here’s the link) Below is my story as to why I am asking for your help and be generous with 1 minute of your time.

Marketing and Advertising

Working in marketing and advertising for 10 years and being on the side of "the bad guys" makes me realize from the inside-out why our culture is so hooked on brands and marketing that are neither good for us nor the planet.

The majority of businesses don't want to change their behaviour because the majority of people don't want to change their buying patterns. This means that - with rare exception - marketing campaigns always have 2 core objectives: drive sales, drive profit in the most efficient way possible – with little-to-no thought about the return on the environment.

And, from the inside, I haven't seen this change much over the past 10 years either for the majority of businesses.

Our culture is hooked on an intravenous drip-feed of fossil fuels and we are in dire need of hooking ourselves onto a green economy built on planet first, profit second.

Value Action Gap

As I work with a great deal with "consumer data" (a horrid term, I know), it is clear that more and more of us want to be greener but don't do anything about it when it comes to action.

This state of affairs is also known as the Value Action Gap: the gap between good intentions and unfulfilled good actions. And when it comes to climate change, the Value Action Gap couldn't be more pronounced.

This might be okay if we had time to change, but as time passes, it is clear that we don't. How much time is left in truth to effect the change that is needed?

Can living green ever be convenient enough and achieved rapidly enough for enough of the majority to make enough of a difference in the little time that we have?

Massive Barriers

I believe that we have massive barriers around the problems of creating mass change for climate change.

Firstly, "green" is not convenient enough yet, and the sacrifice is too huge for enough people to change their lifestyles. For anyone genuinely wanting to be "green" the infrastructure set by business and governments is fragile and requires a lot of heroic, concerted effort to behave "green" - something that the few not the majority are doing.

Secondly, the word "green" has become a stale word, I believe, in the minds of the majority and it is in need of a profound perception shift in order to be a motivating enough word for the majority to make that necessary lifestyle change.

Thirdly - and this is where I believe the hope lies - is that enough people are looking for a rapid route to being green and I believe that they want to know what the most convenient way to achieving this is.

How to Convert the Masses

The situation bothers me to the extent that I want to own the problem more and start to help with practical solutions.

I want to dig deeper into people's motivations, do my own research and put it in context with other data out to get more useful, reliable and valid insight into how to make these rapid changes that are necessary to convert the masses (and not just rely on the willing few).

In a world where progress has been too slow, we need a seismic green behavioural movement ASAP. And, I believe, understanding this data with deeper insight is a necessary a foundation step towards driving changes on a significant enough scale.

Short Questionnaire

Today, I am at the start of my journey. And I have developed a 1 minute, very short and effective questionnaire that I am hoping that you can answer (- my research budget is next to nothing for a paid-questionnaire). Here's the link. Your views will really matter!

When my research is done - and it is published in my upcoming blog (and shared here hopefully) - I will be very happy to share the findings with you, to see what I have found, alongside my thoughts on how we can help people be greener and hopefully spread more hope and solutions.

I also hope that your journey to help save the climate is filled with speed and success.


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