What is the Best Freely Available CO2 Calculator or Database?

What is the best freely available calculator or database to guide personal choices that have an impact on the environment?

What we need is for people to make a personal commitment to limit CO2 (and equivalents) to what is sustainable.

Situation Out of Control

I've even heard the figure 2 to 4 tonnes CO2 per person per year thrown around.

To live within this "budget" we need to assess our choices: take the bus or bicycle locally, train or airplane when travelling (when necessary), organic coffee shipped from distant land versus more local coffee grown with synthetic fertilizer.


Carbon cost of new metal in a new efficient car, vs. continuing on with older car that has already emitted its load of manufacturing carbon...

I can't find anything more than the summary calculators from EPA and Environment Canada etc.

With a decent database, I can make my own calculator...

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