The World's Most Dangerous Animal

by Viktor Klemming

Humans Are the World's Most Dangerous Animal

Humans Are the World's Most Dangerous Animal

Humans Are the World's Most Dangerous Animal
The Earth from Space
Mankind is the World's Most Dangerous Animal
The Earth at Night

There is one species on this planet that kills more animals, and more humans, than any other species. It's destroying the forests, the oceans, the lakes and even the atmosphere.

This creature has even taken it so far that it is single-handedly on its way to destroying the whole planet so that no other animal can live there.

It has already sent many species to extinction and they have multiplied themselves so fast that they can't even seem to feed every one of them.

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Lack of Awareness

But what is most strange about this is that many of them are unaware of this. And what is perhaps more strange is that those who are, don’t seem to care. They just seem to keep going, as if they want to kill everything in its way.

But I don't think they do. I have studied these animals, I have lived among them, and I happen to be one of them. However, the biggest problem with us is not that we are too evil; it is that we are too uneducated.

We do not realise what we are doing and perhaps we will not realise it until it is too late. But, what we have to do is try to spread awareness.

Education is Crucial

Nelson Mandela once said, "Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." I don't think that he could be more right, and that that is precisely what we must do. Educate to change.

This video is my little contribution to spreading awareness about our destruction of the planet. It's a comedy film in which we are trying to spread a message through humor. It's called The World’s Most Dangerous Animal.

Please watch and share it. Thanks for reading this.

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Jun 13, 2015
Well said. Here's a solution!
by: Kyle William Loshure

No matter if you live on the equator or the poles this manual will help you to be at least greener to carbon neutral to totally green depending on your location and capacity! Author
Solar Independent Utility Systems Manual

Jun 13, 2015
World's Most Dangerous Animal
by: Patrick Taylor

I knew the answer without going to the page but the page pointed out just more facts and observations that as an educated environmental biologist and medical provider(retired) I already knew.
This denial is still present in my rural city in California...but it is lessening as the drought in California is more obviously making an impact....the escalation of this impact is happening faster than first alluded to my the National Climate Assessment of 2014 (part written by a friend).

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