The Blueprint - Climate Change Film Project

by James Shikada
(Tokyo Japan)

As a screenwriter for several years, I have been working on top cinematic strategies to make climate change education appealing to the widest global demographics.

With my firm belief in the power of dynamic film concepts to maximize emotional appeal, I have also been active in developing intricate designs to simplify climate science through the most logical and attractive visual aid.

With the endorsements from climate experts and veterans of factual film media, I have long promoted an ambitious climate film project for free philanthropic distribution.

The Blueprint

The Blueprint is an independent film venture spurred by the economic collapse to spread climate truth and sustainability.

Through a unique narrative twist which contrasts our status quo with a world that is logically within our reach, the aim of our film is to profoundly enhance our public desire for change.

Moreover, our film will expose the failures of the mainstream media and other corporate systems that have hindered our progress.

We believe there are answers in this film that could revolutionize our world.

However, sponsorship is urgent.

For more information, please visit our film's online fundraiser.

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