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Will the Warmer Oceans Warm the Earth Mantel and Cause Volcanoes to Become More Active? 
At the oceanic seabed (at the bottom of the oceans), the water temperatures are very cold, being only a bit above freezing. The warming of the oceans …

When Will Environmentalists Face up to the Impending Catastrophe That Goes with 6 Degrees Celsius? 
When are environmental activists going to face up to the impending catastrophe that goes with 6 degrees Celsius? This is not viable for most species …

What happens to all the heat generated by fossil fuel burning? 
Greetings, I've been wondering what is the impact of the heat generated by the burning of fossil fuels on the environment? Does that heat completely escape …

Is Global Warming a Myth? 
I've been told that climate change is a political tool to scare the masses into buying "green" products. I want to know, how much evidence is there …

Climate Change: Global Warming or Atmospheric Buffer Depletion? 
Summers seem to be getting hotter, and winters seem to be getting colder. It seems to me that if global warming alone was the culprit, both summers …

Is Burning Wood as Biomass Sustainable? Not rated yet
On your page for biomass you wrote: One of the main benefits of biomass is that it is renewable due to the fact that trees and crops can be regrown, …

Why are Flowers Blooming in the Winter? Not rated yet
Why are flowers blooming in the winter? Also, are winters getting warmer? Answer from Laurent Cousineau There are in fact certain types of plants that …

Covered Parking Not rated yet
How much did that solar panel covered parking lot cost and where is it? Who paid for it? Does it now pay for itself? Laurent Cousineau's Answer The solar …

Solar Panels Lining Tops of Sheds Not rated yet
I want a copy of your photo of the parking lot covers lined with solar panels. I worry a lot about our rural pet shelters trying to care for many animals …

Global Pressure  Not rated yet
How does global pressure contribute to saving wildlife that is currently under threat?

Where can I find world maps and models showing the changes? Not rated yet
Where can I find world maps and models showing the current changes and projected changes?

How will the weather change due to global warming? Not rated yet
How will the weather change due to global warming? Answer Weather will change drastically over time due to anthropogenic global warming. Essentially, …

Benefits of Climate Change Workshops?  Not rated yet
Why would one participate in climate change workshops? Thank you. Answer If by workshops you are referring to educational seminars , then there are many …

New Forms of Alternative Energy? Not rated yet
Is there any other forms of renewable energy, besides the ones already developed?

What is the Best Freely Available CO2 Calculator or Database? Not rated yet
What is the best freely available calculator or database to guide personal choices that have an impact on the environment? What we need is for people …

Should Incandescent Bulbs Be Banned? Not rated yet
What is a waste of energy - and what isn't? Indeed, a somewhat philosophical question. Take the now well known worldwide effort to ban cheap simple …

What If? Not rated yet
By 2200, all of the seven billion people of Earth's people will be dead. You, me and all our children. Of this we can be certain. We all die. Some of us …

Scariest aspect of climate change? Not rated yet
What part of climate change is the scariest aspect to think about in terms of the future? Answer: Currently, I would say that the scariest aspect of …

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