Hybrid Vehicle Definition

by Laurent Cousineau

Mercedes S 400 Hybrid

Mercedes S 400 Hybrid

Mercedes S 400 Hybrid
A Ford Fusion Hybrid
Toyota Prius Hybrid
Suzuki Twin Hybrid

Often simply called a hybrid, a hybrid vehicle is a vehicle that is powered by more than one distinct source.

For example, an automobile that combines an electric motor with an internal combustion engine is considered a hybrid.

When compared to ordinary vehicles, hybrids will help stop climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions which contribute to the greenhouse effect.

Many Other Alternatives

However, there are many other alternatives available.

For instance, one could run a car on biofuel or drive an electric car which does not require any fuel whatsoever.

In addition, automobiles could run on hydrogen power, a new form of renewable energy.

Nonetheless, one may avoid using cars altogether. In this day and age, public transport systems will allow citizens to travel anywhere they please.

Moreover, one could always walk, use bikes, or even carpool in order to reach their destination.

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