Here Is How YOU Can Make a Difference

by Jonah Bryson
(Toronto, Canada)

Jonah Bryson diving in the Caribbean. © Jonah Bryson

Jonah Bryson diving in the Caribbean. © Jonah Bryson

Jonah Bryson diving in the Caribbean. © Jonah Bryson
Dead corals in the Caribbean. © Jonah Bryson

Last summer, I went to the Caribbean with my family for summer vacation. I had never been to the Caribbean and found it just so beautiful - the land, the sunshine, and the animals. This is where I got my diving certification. I trained for hours and hours in a pool, and I was eagerly looking forward to my first dive in the ocean.

When the time came for my first dive in the ocean, I put on my suit, tightened my weight belt, test my oxygen tank and jumped in the water. The color of the blue water was so rich, and the fish were everywhere. Everything seemed so mesmerizing and untouched, until I went to get a closer look at the sea floor.

Ocean Acidification

The bottom of the ocean was so deserted. There weren't any fish and there weren't any corals, because they were all dead. The few left alive were bleaching and would soon be gone. I was shocked. The corals were dead due to ocean acidification.

When we emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere, it doesn't just stay in the atmosphere, but it also gets absorbed by the oceans, making them more acidic. Without a healthy ocean, we are in serious trouble.

A Sweet Spot in Time

I am currently making a film about environmental issues, but it doesn't focus on the problems, it focuses on the solutions. The film features astronaut Chris Hadfield, social media phenomenon Prince Ea, Dr. Sylvia Earle, and members of Michael Jackson's, Stevie Wonder's and Taylor Swift's band. However, we still need you.

Please visit my campaign to find out how you can help make this film a reality and change the world for the better.

"In a gentle way, you can shake the world."
― Mahatma Gandhi

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