Eco Panels in India

by Haroal Dhaliwal
(Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

The need for environment upgrading is recognized as a calamitous world problem. At the forthcoming conference in Paris during December 2015 world leaders will discuss signing a climate change agreement to govern such emissions after 2020.

India has a growing air pollution problem. One of the many contributing factors includes the burning of wheat and paddy / rice straw waste/residue. Some of this by-product of a significant agricultural industry can easily be recycled.

Wheat and paddy / rice straw waste/residue has been used as a building construction material in the world throughout civilization. Fabricated into a panel board this natural resource is an environmentally sound alternative to the conventional use of brick and cement.

The MD Group Tech Eco Panel provides a way for India to become a world leader in growing a green industry that will enhance climate change. Moreover, this industry will have, sustainable competitive advantage, which will be difficult to offset.

The MD Group, a Canadian Company, owns the exclusive Indian manufacture license for Tech Eco Panel production from wheat and paddy/ rice straw waste/residue. Tech Eco Panels have been used throughout Europe for over 20 years.

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