Direct Action

by Gary Hebbermann
(Western Australia)

The group Carbon Correct has taken a path of direct action to help mitigate man-made climate change.

The main proposed plan we have is to physically undo climate change by fostering renewable energy.

Our Initiatives

There are three main initiatives that we advocate:
  1. Atmospheric carbon reduction (carbon negative) and renewable energy from grain farmers and the like
  2. Saving fuel by full use of the heat generated by such fuels
  3. Production of renewable synthetic fuels

Various Benefits

The benefits of these actions and a description of them can be viewed at

The benefits for helping our farmers and our transportation industry will not only produce a better economic environment, but it will also make a sustainable future for coming generations a reality.

The time for action is NOW!

Your Support

Please provide your support to bring forward these revolutionary new green technologies!

These technologies are favorable and are all based on known processes, but have never been assembled in such a manner.

Finally, we are also on Facebook at Carbon Correct which allows us better help you by providing updates and important information on climate adaptation.

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