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There are a lot of climate change news that are relevant to society.

This section will include environmental catastrophes, policies, acts, protests, conferences and events.

For instance, there has recently been a huge protest in the United States of America.

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Thousands of protesters from Canada and the United States of America have shown up at the steps of the white house to stop president Barack Obama from allowing a 2000 mile pipeline to be created from the tar sands in Alberta to the US mainland.

There are a lot more oil spills than most people would expect that are happening all over the world.

Everyone paid attention to the oil spill in the gulf of Mexico but many give a blind eye to other spills that are occurring. A great example would be the oil spills in Niger.

Environmental Acts

Ex vice-president Al Gore will be launching the Climate Reality Project on September 14. Its goal is to wake up the masses from the manipulation brought forth by huge oil corporations who are trying to hide the obvious truth. It is a global movement that will have a great positive impact.

This section of the website will eventually cover the latest measures countries have taken to live up to the Kyoto Protocol and the Copenhagen Climate Conference in 2009.

Some countries such as France, Denmark, Finland, Iceland and Germany have taken great measures to help solve the climate crisis. For other countries, there have not been much progress.

In Canada, the tar sands in Alberta is one of the biggest environmental catastrophes on Earth. Canada in fact, increases its emissions instead of reducing them.

In Latin America, a huge dam is about to start in the Amazon rainforest which will add to its destruction. It is planned to become the third biggest dam in the world and will have severe consequences on the precious ecosystems there.

Sadly, this is not the only rainforest that is being destroyed. In fact, there is a lot of rainforest destruction occurring around the world and many species are going extinct as a direct result.

The latest technology has brought forth more methods of alternative energy and higher performance electric cars.

Now, many countries have invested an interest in using renewable energy.

Research has shown many more ways in which we could help the environment.

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Climate Change News

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Climate is Back Not rated yet
As I engage relentlessly in the fight to mobilize a complacent public and encourage reluctant politicians to focus on climate change action, I’ve come …

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Natural Gas Lies Not rated yet
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Hawaii Bans Plastic Bags Not rated yet
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Climate Change Denial a Billion Dollar Industry of Fabrication Not rated yet
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Obama Addressing the Threat of Climate Change Not rated yet
The long-awaited second-term plan to combat climate change is now close at hand. In this video released on June 22, 2013, Obama conveys his vision … - collecting the voices of our planet Not rated yet – a global initiative of 2013 to bring all stakeholders of sustainability, clean and green technology together in a widespread planet saving …

2011 United Nations
Climate Change Conference
 Not rated yet
In November of last year, hundreds of delegates from the largest nations in the world met in a place called Durban, in Africa. There, a climate change …

Obama Rejects Keystone XL Pipeline Not rated yet
On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, the President of the United States Barrack Obama rejected TransCanada's proposal to construct a 7 billion dollar oil pipeline …

Climate Change opens the Northwest Passage Not rated yet
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What Solyndra's default in proportion to the federal renewable investment Not rated yet
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Pakistan: Climate Change and Global Warming: Not rated yet
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