Climate Change: Global Warming or Atmospheric Buffer Depletion?

by Horace W. Crosby, Jr.
(Charleston, SC, USA)

Summers seem to be getting hotter, and winters seem to be getting colder.

It seems to me that if global warming alone was the culprit, both summers and winters would be getting warmer.

The answer seems to be to replace the things in our atmosphere that have been lost, so it will have the natural buffering effect it should have, returning the atmosphere into the buffer it was; one that keeps too much heat from getting in and too much from going out.

Horace Crosby

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Oct 07, 2012
Adapting to Climate Change
by: John Jones

You live in an area where the summers are warmer and the winters are colder.

Actually, that is only one of many outcomes of Climate Change.

My area has experienced both warmer winters and summers over the past several years, yet with a moderate increase in rainfall that keeps our area green and fertile.

Another person I've spoken with has had both summers and winters colder, but with much less rain and snowfall which is threatening drought.

Certainly, there are also places that have colder summers and warmer winters, with more and less precipitation.

The thing is, as the climate changes, the many key factors that cause a particular type of climate will INTER-act differently, producing different results.

Floods, droughts, storms, etc., especially those "out of season" as the planet adapts to a new "normal" also come into play.

And that is the real source of the problem.

I'm sure we could also adapt to almost anything, given time, but the changes are happening very fast and the complex interactions leave us with only a limited understanding of WHERE a particular type of change will occur, and so any degree of preparation or adaption is very difficult.

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