1000 People Marching Across the Nation

by Zach Heffernen
(Des Moines, IA)

Starting March 1, 2014, through a non-profit organization called the Great March for Climate Action, 1,000 climateers will begin an 8-month, 3000-mile trek across the nation.

This will be the largest coast-to-coast march in American history. It is aimed at inspiring and motivating civil society and elected officials to act now to address the climate crisis.

Great Diversity

The Great March for Climate Action announced this week that it is formally accepting applications from prospective marchers interested in participating in next year’s 8-month trek across the nation.

“Sending out this application is very exciting for me,” reports Marcher Director, Zach Heffernen. “The diversity of individuals who requested an application is impressive."

"They range in age from 9-74, are originating from all throughout North America, and have backgrounds ranging from college students, to self-employed business professionals, to medical doctors, to retirees and everything in between.”

Today is a landmark day for the Climate March,” said Ed Fallon, March founder and director. “It’s the culmination of months of hard work, of laying a solid foundation for what we believe will be a pivotal moment in the battle to mobilize America to address the climate crisis.”

“Given the early interest, we are confident there are well over 1,000 people ready to make the commitment to march across America for this cause,” continued Fallon. “We now enter an important new phase, where we build a marcher community of 1,000 climate patriots.

Not only will we march side by side for eight months, but we’ll learn how to live together, work together, and communicate the urgency of our message to the people we meet as we travel across the country.”

A Long Journey

Marchers will walk 14-15 miles per day and tent camp nearly every night. The March will reach Phoenix in early April 2014, Denver in early June, Omaha in late July, Chicago in early September, Pittsburgh in October and Washington DC on November 1st.

“The release of the marcher application and promotional video is a huge milestone for the Great March for Climate Action,” concluded Heffernen. “It signifies a time for public engagement, an invitation for others to get on board by stepping forward for our planet and our future.”

More Information

Want to help and/or march with us?

Interested marchers and/or volunteers can email Zach@ClimateMarch.org with questions and comments.

Also, climatemarch.org provides additional information and ways to help out.

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Jun 02, 2014
Limitations and possible misguided nature of the cross nation Marches.
by: Anonymous

The first and most fundamental thing to notice carefully is that climate change crisis is a very special beast. It is often mistakenly called as a “cause” like cancer or spinal cord injuries of which Terry Fox run and Jim Hansen’s travails are pioneering examples and very successful. The climate change crisis is very different from cancer and paraplegia in that both of these objectives are easy targets of compassion and can readily generate donations for the tiny segment of society afflicted by the condition to permit a substantial remedy for the situation of the victims.

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